Weather, infrastructure and equipment

Weather, infrastructure and equipment

Seating is scarce, too few dishes, too much heat or even unexpected rain? We'll tell you what you can do about it.
At this point, you have to check whether you have enough equipment and infrastructure for all guests, and think about what to do if it's very hot or if it rains. Tips:

  • Check that you have enough seats (chairs, benches, etc.) and tables, or if you have to hire some extra ones. Ask yourself if you need benches with backs or chairs with upholstery and cushions because there will be older guests present. Tip: low lounge furniture is not all that suitable for eating meals.
  • What about crockery, cutlery and glasses? Do you have enough in hand? Will you have to (or would you like to) hire some or all of them? Or do you prefer practical disposable versions? They don't necessarily have to be plastic or cardboard. There are also attractive alternatives made of sugar cane or palm leaves that are biodegradable and even look smart. In addition, you can often hire glasses from the drinks merchant.
  • Sweltering heat can be a party-killer. Consider whether there's enough shade in the garden for all your guests (trees, sun umbrellas, covered veranda, etc.) or plan for extra sun umbrella(s) and awnings (possibly borrow or hire).
  • Also think about bad weather options, such as waterproof awnings, a gazebo or covered patio and estimate whether there will be room for all the guests if the worst comes to the worst.
  • If you want to have music at your party, it may now be the time to look for a suitable musician or check your music system and CDs.
  • Not least, think about whether you have enough sanitary facilities. Otherwise, just hire portable toilets (ToiToi or Dixi).

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