First steps towards a garden party

We admit it. Some tips are only meant for larger parties, which are currently taboo. But many also make sense for small celebrations or barbecues.
Summertime is party time. And the best place to party is outdoors. In the garden or on the patio. We reveal the first steps towards a successful garden party.

  • Decide on the timing. Weekends are normally good. Whether you give a brunch, an afternoon get-together or an evening party is a matter of personal taste.
  • Estimate how many guests you can accommodate. For large parties, it may make sense to hire a small marquee with tables and chairs.
  • Draw up the guest list. Think particularly about which people are compatible (important).
  • Consider what mood suits your guests. Should it be rustic and cosy? An elegant party? Or an exuberant, undemanding get-together?
  • The right theme may set your imagination soaring. Communicate the theme in the invitations, and also bear it in mind when choosing food and decorations.
  • Set your budget. Make a note of overruns during the planning phase so that you have control of the financial side. A good way of cushioning the cost impact is a party where everyone brings some food. You'll find more information on this subject under «Type of party and planning food».
  • Make a to-do list that you can add to and work through systematically in your later thinking.

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