Fleurop guarantee times

Guarantee times

Find out here, until when you need to order, so that flowers for Salzburg, Graz, Paris, New York or Beijing can still be delivered the same day.
Austria: order by 14.00 for same-day delivery
As a rule, same-day delivery within Austria is guaranteed if the order is placed on weekdays until 14.00 (on saturdays until 11.00).

Deliveries at a specific time are guaranteed only for funerals and weddings - as long as these orders arrive at least 24 hours in advance.
Business Hours & Holidays
Fleurop always delivers your floral greeting as quickly as possible, both nationally and internationally. In Austria, our florists deliver within "normal" business hours, i.e. between 09:00 and 18:00.

We do not deliver on Sundays and public holidays nationally and internationally (exception in many countries: Mother's Day). Please note that our national online store already automatically takes into account all Sundays and public holidays and you can therefore not select these as delivery dates. Internationally, this is unfortunately not possible, so please take into account any holidays yourself when ordering abroad.
Same-day delivery at locations outside of Switzerland
Thanks to our unrivalled delivery network, we can make sure your order is delivered within hours, worldwide.

Time differences and local opening times must of course be taken into consideration in this context; however, same-day delivery can be guaranteed for most European countries if the order is placed by 11.00 on a weekday.
Abroad: more than 50,000 partner shops deliver almost anywhere in the world
All over the world, more than 50,000 dedicated florists prepare and personally deliver floral creations in accordance with the Fleurop-Interflora directives.

Please bear in mind that some countries may not have the infrastructure we take for granted, and that it would be more than just difficult to deliver a bouquet to a recipient on Mount Everest, for example. In these (rare) cases, our Customer Service will of course notify you as promptly as possible.

For flower-lovers

May Bouquet of the Month
39,00 - € 89,00
39,00 - € 79,00
Romantic peonies
49,00 - € 109,00
Happy Day!
48,00 - € 118,00
I Love You
69,00 - € 119,00
For the favorite person
49,00 - € 89,00
From the Heart
60,00 - € 145,00
Only for You
53,00 - € 103,00
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