With or without alcohol?

Which drinks do I offer my guests? And how do I cool all this? Answers to these and other questions and suggestions can be found here.
When it's very hot, the drinks are sometimes almost more important than the food. Tips:

  • Make sure you have enough drinks in stock for every taste.
  • Think about how much alcohol you want to plan for. It's more likely to go to people's heads in the heat. Options with less or absolutely no alcohol are, for example, beer (possibly on tap), shandy, white wine spritzer, fruity summer punches, home-made iced tea or non-alcoholic cocktails.
  • Make sure that you're also able to chill them, because people are literally gasping for refreshment in the warm season.
  • If your own fridge doesn't have enough capacity, you may be able to supplement it with cool-bags or cool-boxes and/or hire an additional fridge (e.g. from the drinks merchant).
  • Plan the party so that everyone can help themselves to drinks. However, this means that you have to tell your guests right at the beginning of the party which drinks are where.

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