Garden party decoration: basics

Garden party decoration: basics

Party theme, wind, rain, cool evenings and darkness: here you can find out how garden party decoration does justice to everything and where you could decorate.
The garden itself provides a wonderful ambience with its flowers and plants. That said, you should never fail to add sweet, amusing and romantic decorations. Some tips:

  • If your party has a theme, you really should pick up on it with your decorations.
  • Think about what you would like to decorate. Suitable objects are: the entrance, fruit trees, the garden pond/swimming pool, spring/well, rose arches, garden fences, stairways, banisters, windowsills and tables.
  • Make sure that the garden decorations are waterproof and sturdy enough to survive the party. Garden parties are always a little more boisterous than other occasions.
  • Important: because it can be breezy outdoors, decorative items should be secured so that they can't blow away.
  • A welcome and very decorative gesture are warming blankets or a fire (e.g. outdoor chiminea, fire basket)
  • If the party is to be held in the evening, atmospheric lighting is indispensable. Garden torches create a holiday mood. But atmospheric LED lamps for flower beds or Chinese lanterns and garlands of lights in the apple tree are wonderful opportunities to dress up the garden. Not least, storm lanterns and lanterns on windowsills and stairs are of course fantastic and an absolute must.
Placing garden decorations correctly
Decorations are pretty and are effective anywhere. Nevertheless, you shouldn't overload the garden and patio. It looks busy and constricting and makes everything seem smaller.

  • In general: choose decorations that are fairly tall, e.g. column planters, LED and solar lights, screens, sculptures, sun-dials or fire baskets. Objects at floor or ground level are barely visible.
  • Trees: Chinese lanterns, garlands of lights and lanterns can be attached to thick boughs. Depending on the theme, bird-houses, garlands made from driftwood, coloured ribbons or wind-chimes can also be effective among the branches.
  • Ponds, swimming pool, well/spring: these can become enhanced features with solar globe lights. Floating candles and blossoms, such as artificial lotus blossoms, have an atmospheric effect. If you don't have a pond or a well, you can use a trick. Take a half-barrel or tin bath, fill it with water and float water plants or 1-2 artificial lotus blossoms and candles in it. That's very effective.
  • Garden furniture: sometimes – depending on the theme – colourful cushions and throws make the otherwise «serious» outdoor furniture appear in a completely new light.
  • Tables, windowsills, garden walls: these are perfect places for rows of storm lanterns, large and small flower-filled vases and pot plants.

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