Flowery place cards

Sometimes it can be important who is at the table with whom. We leave that decision to you. But we show you how original and stylish «place cards» can be.

With this loving decoration you show your guests how much you enjoy their coming and at the same time clarify the seating arrangement.
scissors; knife; matching flowers, twigs and leaves (e.g. lavender, blackberry twigs, Heuchera leaves); green wire; colorless glass; sand; tea light; ribbon (e.g. silk or satin ribbon etc.); place cards.
  1. Take a few flowers, twigs and leaves and bind them with wire to a bouquet.
  2. Fill the glass with a little sand and place the tea light inside.
  3. Attach the bouquet to the glass with a piece of ribbon.
  4. Insert the place card under the ribbon.
Since the flowers also look beautiful when dried, they can be taken home by the guests at the end of the event.

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