Mommy, you are just sweet!

How about a Mother's Day gift that is a total eye-catcher and has a delicious component to boot? We have a simple tip for you.
OASIS Biolit ring; various flowers and eucalyptus greenery; container that can be placed in the middle of the Biolit ring; two packets of Gottlieber Hüppen; ribbon.
  1. Place the Oasis ring in a container filled with water so that it can soak up.
  2. Once the ring has soaked up, remove it from the water.
  3. Now stick the flowers and the eucalyptus greenery into Oasis ring. In the inner circle it does not need so many flowers, because the container will be placed there later.
  4. Place the container in the ring and fill it with Gottlieber Hüppen.
  5. Embellish the container with ribbon and a beautiful bow.
Place the ring on a waterproof base so that it does not damage the furniture on which it comes to rest. Since flowers need water, the ring must be carefully watered every day.

Gottlieber Hüppen and much more can be found on our online portal FleuropHOME.

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