A special plant - just «FOR MOM»!

Anyone can offer a plant for Mother's Day. But if you stage it with so much love, you show that it's not a last-minute gift.
Aluminum can; colored drinking straws; paper for bunting; paper for aluminum can; string; hot glue; begonia or other plant.
  1. Cut the paper and glue it to the aluminum can.
  2. Plant the begonia (or other plant) in the can.
  3. Stick the drinking straws into the plant soil.
  1. Cut small bunting from the paper and write «FOR MOM» on them (one letter per bunting).
  2. Take two pieces of string and glue the bunting to them.
  3. Attach the two strings to the straws.
Water the begonia every two weeks. If you prefer another plant, ask about its watering needs when you buy it.

A hot glue gun and much more can be found on our online portal FleuropHOME.

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