With all my heart - just for you!

A message that comes in the shape of a heart and the colors pink, red and purple is clear - especially for Mother's Day. This decorating tip works well for kids, too.
Open heart made of Oasis floral foam; felt in pink; purple ribbon; hot glue; various flowers in red, pink and purple; eucalyptus green; possibly thin cardboard and wire.
  1. Place the Oasis floral foam in a container filled with water so that it can soak up.
  2. Once the heart has soaked up, remove it from the water.
  3. Cut two felt strips for the inside and outside of the heart and attach them with hot glue. They are there to cover the floral foam.
  4. Cut a piece of ribbon and attach it to the outside of the heart with hot glue as well.
  1. Stick the flowers and the eucalyptus greenery into the foam.
  2. Finally, you could cut a heart from cardboard and attach it to the flower heart with wire.
Place the heart on a waterproof base so that it does not damage the furniture on which it comes to rest. Since flowers need water, the heart must be carefully watered every day.

A hot glue gun and much more can be found on our online portal FleuropHOME.

From the bottom of the heart:

39,00 - € 79,00
Happy Day!
48,00 - € 118,00
I Love You
69,00 - € 119,00
For the favorite person
49,00 - € 89,00
From the Heart
60,00 - € 145,00
7 Red Roses with greenery
60,00 - € 82,00
Only for You
53,00 - € 103,00
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