A Mother's Day card like no other

Fancy a card for Mother's Day that is extra loving and shows that you spare no effort for your mommy? Here you will find our decorating tip for Mother's Day.
Various dried flowers; double greeting card; strong paper (110 g/m2 and more); string; hot glue.
  1. Arrange the dried flowers into a bouquet and leave the ends of the string.
  2. Make 3 small holes in the paper with knife or scissors.
  3. Position the bouquet over the center hole and insert both ends of the string through it.
  4. Take the ends in your hand again and put one end of the string through the right hole, the other through the left one.
  5. Tie the two ends of the string into a nice bow.
  6. Add a loving text to the inside of the card.
  7. Glue the paper with the bouquet on the card.
This card is also suitable as a place card at the family dinner. You can find loving text suggestions with us.

And: you can also dry flowers yourself. Roses, lavender, and strawflowers are particularly suitable. Simply tie a bouquet, hang it upside down in a dark, warm, and dry place (e.g., attic) and let it dry for two to four weeks.

Dried flowers and much more can be found on our online portal FleuropHOME.

With love for Mother's Day:

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