Delicious treats in a bag for the dearest of all mommies

Does your mother like sweets? Then we have a suggestion for how you can package them in a lovely way and even score with a hidden message for Mother's Day.
Kraft paper tote bag; sheets of colored foam rubber for flowers; green construction paper for leaves; toothpick; hot glue; construction paper for pot and tree; black pencil.
  1. For the flowers, cut out different sized discs in various colors of foam rubber.
  2. Cut out leaves of different sizes of the green paper.
  3. Cut the round foam rubber pieces into spirals.
  4. Roll the spirals into a compact flower with the help of a toothpick and glue them. Repeat this step until all the flowers are made.
  5. Decorate the tote bag with lines and hearts.
  1. Draw a plant pot on construction paper and cut it out. Trace the contours with black pencil.
  2. Draw a tree on construction paper, making sure that the trunk can later be placed in the plant pot (in terms of width and length).
  3. Fold two strips of construction paper and glue them to the pot.
  4. Now glue the pot on the bag so that it protrudes a little.
  1. Put a short message to your mommy on the tree trunk.
  2. Now glue the flowers and leaves on the treetop.
  3. Fill the bag with goodies such as Hüppen from Gottlieber.
It's easier if you use some hot glue on the flowers early on, so they don't keep popping open when you roll them up.

Hüppen from Gottlieber and much more can be found on our online portal FleuropHOME.

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