Fancy a change? Hydrangea «Magical Four Seasons»

Fancy a change? Hydrangea «Magical Four Seasons»

Fancy experiencing the change of seasons in hydrangeas too? «Magical» hydrangeas constantly change color.
Ten «Magical» variants to choose from 
Do you love surprises? Then you will be delighted with the «Magical Four Seasons» hydrangea. It is ideal for container planting and changes colors three to four times within a blooming period of about 150 days.

There are ten varieties with an individual color palette, which constantly immerse the garden or balcony in a new world of colors. Even for hydrangeas unusual shades such as dark red and bicolored flowers are available in this cultivar.
Robust and durable 
«Magical Four Seasons» hydrangeas, by the way, are characterized by extreme robustness and longevity and - with a little luck - bloom until November.

Another plus is that the flower balls and stems usually survive even heavy rain showers well. Last but not least, there are some Magical cultivars that are even said to tolerate direct sunlight.

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