Hydrangea and lavender are totally «retro»

Hydrangea and lavender are totally «retro»

Arrive and breathe a sigh of relief - surrounded by things you love. This explains not only the retro look, but also the popularity of hydrangeas and lavender.
Vintage and shabby chic are in
The retro look is not going out of fashion - and so are vintage and shabby chic, which are also very popular for furniture and home accessories.

Hydrangeas and lavender are ideal for this.

Because with them, too, nostalgia floats in the air, especially when we set them seductively in scene.
Magic to touch
Planted in a rusty milk can or an old basket, these plants are made to spread atmosphere.

And arranged fresh or dried in pretty containers, they exude a romance that's hard to beat.
In other words: if you like to turn back time a bit and immerse yourself in another world, lavender and hydrangeas are ideal.

They are poetic, picturesque and just magical. Have a nice day!

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