Lavender - and you already feel like you're in Provence

Lavender is simply wonderful. In addition, there are many species and varieties, and the most diverse colors. 
Most popular: true lavender and Spanish or French lavender
Lavender - a wonderful feeling of «Provence» in your own home.

And you also have the choice: between compact-growing short and tall-growing species, between varieties that produce purple, blue, white and even pink flowers.
In the garden, the most common is true lavender (purple, white, pink).

But the distinctive Spanish or French lavender (pink-purple, white) is also increasingly popular.
Fragrant insider tips 
Lavender grown in Provence is called «lavandin» (flashy blue-purple) and is a hybrid that blooms later and has a very strong scent.

Two other strongly scented species are fringed lavender (light blue) and spike lavender (purple-blue).

Lavender not only looks good as a potted plant or in a balcony box, but also as a flowerbed border or as a plant to place with roses because lavender's essential oils keep aphids away.

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