Hydrangeas offer everything you can wish for

Hydrangeas offer everything you can wish for

Whether in terms of color and shape of flowers and leaves or height of the plant, with hydrangeas you have a choice. There are even climbing artists among them.
Hydrangeas and their surprising variety of colors
Hydrangeas are very popular because of their romantic flair. First and foremost, the Hydrangea macrophylla, which is considered the queen of all hydrangeas. It can be found in white, pink and red.

It is well suited as a cut flower and also looks beautiful when dried.
Even more special is the Hydrangea aspera, also called rough-leaved Hydrangea, which owes its name to its hairy leaves.

It has flat umbrella panicles consisting of blue to purple inner flowers and light pink to white outer flowers.
Hydrangeas are also climbers or ground cover
A real eye-catcher is the climbing Hydrangea petiolaris. It is ideal for facades, but can also be used as a ground cover. But these are only three of the many types of hydrangea.

For there are also, for example, the attractive Hydrangea paniculata, the oak-leaved hydrangea or the filigree Hydrangea serrata, to name just a few. Ask for advice.

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