Lavender - ideal for hot summers

Lavender - ideal for hot summers

If you give lavender the right location, it is easy to care for and gives sunny gardens and balconies poetic vacation feeling.
Right location, good soil
Lavender is an ideal plant for hot summers. Give it a sunny, sheltered place and permeable soil for good drainage.

If necessary, mix coarse sand or gravel into the soil as a drainage material already when potting.
In the pot lavender needs regular watering
In the garden, watering is hardly necessary even on hot days. In the pot, the lavender needs regular watering. However, since lavender does not like waterlogging, water it rather sparingly. Use lukewarm, stagnant water.

Almost all lavender varieties are suitable for pot culture. But especially attractive are the Spanish or French lavender and the lavender called «lavandin» that is grown in Provence.

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