About symbolism and drying lavender

About symbolism and drying lavender

What message do you convey when you offer lavender as a gift? And how do you «preserve» lavender?
Lavender symbolizes purity, memories and love
Because the smell of lavender suggests freshness, it represents purity and therefore «protection from evil». Because it has active ingredients with relaxing properties, it is also said to soothe in difficult situations and bring back good memories.

Speaking of good memories: these can concern loved ones, but also experiences in general or particularly beautiful vacation spots. It is not for nothing that lavender is said to be «good for the soul».
Lavender helps against lovesickness
In the past, lavender was also known as a love plant. Its scent - so it was said - helped against lovesickness.

It was also used as an aphrodisiac tea or sprinkled in bath water, especially before marriage. Lavender is therefore also a gift with symbolism.
Dried lavender - for sachets and potpourris
Scented sachets for the laundry or potpourris reminiscent of a vacation in Provence: for this you need dried lavender.

Harvest it when it is in full bloom - preferably at noon on a sunny day. By then, the dew has already dried.

Damp lavender can become moldy as it dries. Make small bunches and hang them upside down in a well-ventilated, dry, shady place (e.g., attic, garden shed).
Do not dry in the sun or oven
Lavender should not be dried in direct sunlight or in an oven, as the essential oils will evaporate if the temperature is too high.

Once the flowers can be easily removed, the lavender is ready. This is the case after 2-3 weeks.

Speaking of scented sachets, they not only make the laundry smell good, but they also keep moths away from the clothes. In addition, sachets and potpourris are a very personal gift.

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