Spicy thank you for an invitation to the barbecue

Barbecue with friends in sight? Then a matching gift would certainly go down well. Ours is quickly made.
Oasis Table Design Viva foam cylinder with bowl; dried chili peppers; pins; split bamboo; label; various flowers; Barbecuesauce; hot glue.
  1. Remove Oasis foam from the bowl and place it in the water so that it can soak it up.
  2. Glue chili peppers side by side to the bowl. Make sure that the whole bowl is covered.
  3. If necessary, cut off any parts of the chili pepper that protrude over the bottom edge so that the container has a stable stand.
  4. To make it «cooler», you can place a few chili peppers criss-crossed over the side of the bowl and secure them with pins.
  1. To give the barbecuesauce a better hold, you can stick some split bamboo into the foam and support the bottle with the part sticking out of the foam.
  2. over the oasis with flowers.
  3. Finally label (e.g., «Thank you for the invitation» or «For you») and attach to the bowl.
You could fill the bowl with other sauces or spices suitable for barbecue.

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