Light and airy - summer mobile

«When everything goes right a mobile is a piece of poetry that dances with the joy of life and surprises», said mobile specialist Alexander Calder. Let yourself be surprised.
Long branch; various snail shells; various ribbons and/or strings; 3 mini bottles; various flowers; hot glue.
  1. Wrap the branch loosely or tightly with thick string or ribbon and knot at the ends. Make sure that the knot comes to rest on the back of the branch.
  2. Knot one piece of ribbon on the left and one on the right side of the branch. Again, make the knots on the back of the branch. The ribbons are for hanging the mobile.
  3. Use ribbons and/or strings of different colors, materials, and lengths. Knot these to the branch.
  4. Make sure that the ribbons are longer in the middle and get shorter towards the outside.
  5. With strings and ribbons you can make macramé or braids, which you can also hang.
  1. Attach the bottles to three of the ribbons with a bit of string.
  2. Glue the snail shells onto the ribbons. Different sized snail shells in different colors look especially attractive.
  3. Hang the mobile and fill the bottles with water and flowers.
Choose flowers that match the ribbons. Instead of fresh flowers, you can use dried flowers.

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