Dried flower wreath with vintage charm

Practical and charming: you won't want to miss this decorative hoop. It is transportable and can therefore be used everywhere.
Metal hoop with stand; various dried flowers; winding wire.
  1. Prepare dried flowers that you want to use and shorten them a bit if necessary.
  2. Attach the wire to the ring where you want to start.
  3. You can create a half-moon or wrap the whole ring with dried flowers.
  4. Place flower by flower on the ring and wrap them with wire.
  5. Once the desired goal (half-moon or whole ring) is reached, wrap some more wire around the flower stems, finish with 2-3 turns, tighten the whole thing and cut the wire.
This ring is not only suitable for decoration in general, but also makes a wonderful table setting that can be used even outside when the weather is nice.

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