Wonderful Valentine cards that you cannot buy anywhere

Just normal Valentine's Day cards? But not when it comes to the dearest person. We'll show you how easy it is to create wonderful cards.
Beige paper; paper with floral pattern; dried flowers; mini wooden clip; hot glue; wire string; card.
Method variant 1
  1. Draw a hand on beige paper and cut it out.
  2. Cut out a sleeve from paper with floral pattern and glue it to the hand.
  3. Make a bunch of dried flowers and fix it with wire string.
  4. Clamp the bouquet in the wooden clip and glue the whole thing onto the card.
  5. Now all that is missing is a loving little message.
Method variant 2
  1. Form a heart with wire string.
  2. Make a bunch of dried flowers and tie it to the heart with some wire string.
  3. Glue the heart with the dried flowers onto the card and write a loving little message.
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