A sign of love - a teddy bear as knight of the rose

I love you! This cuddly gift shows at first sight what you feel and will touch your favorite person.
Brown teddy bear; plastic flower tube with cap; ribbon; various flowers such as rose, eucalyptus and hypericum; hot glue.
  1. Fill the flower tube with water and close the cap.
  2. Cover the test tube and cap with hot glue and ribbon. Proceed step by step so as not to burn your fingers: a little glue, ribbon, glue, ribbon, etc. Take it step by step, so you don't burn your fingers: some glue, ribbon, glue, ribbon, etc.
  3. Put rose, eucalyptus and hypericum in the flower tube.
  4. Attach the flower tube with the flowers to the teddy's arm with some ribbon.
Would be nice if you could stage this cuddly little knight of the rose to be seen by your sweetheart early in the morning, perhaps in the bathroom or next to the coffee machine.

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