Touching - teddy bear as a flower messenger!

If you like it classy, unusual, yet heartfelt, you will be delighted with this wonderful flower messenger.
White teddy bear; pink orchid; tin pot; white sisal; white sisal heart; ribbons in pink and bordeaux; flower wire.
  1. Place the orchid in the container.
  2. Cover the substrate of the orchid with a little sisal.
  3. Tie the teddy bear with a ribbon around the pot so that its legs come to rest on the right and left and make a bow.
  4. Take a second ribbon, also tie it around the bear and the pot and make a second bow.
  5. Provide the sisal heart with a flower wire and insert it into the substrate of the plant.
Water the orchid once a week by removing it from the container and giving it a water bath. Let it drain well before putting it back. It does not like waterlogging.
Orchid and Teddybear are to be found here.

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