To our love - with a stunningly beautiful bottle of wine

Wine to toast with? That's always a good idea. Especially when the bottle is so lovingly staged.
1 bottle of Redwine; cork; cord; winding wire; deco pearls; tag; plastic flower tube with cap; various flowers; hot glue; possibly ribbon.
  1. Cut the cork into slices.
  2. Glue the cork discs into a heart with hot glue and attach a cord to it.
  3. Cut a piece of winding wire, thread the pearls, and join the pearl string into a circle. Attach the label to it.
  4. Put the pearl string over the wine bottle and attach the cork heart to the bottle with some wire.
  5. Finally, fill the flower tube with water and put the flowers in it.
To make the decorative tip look even more elegant, you can wrap ribbon around the flower tube and secure it with hot glue.

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