Mother's Day on Women's Day or at the start of spring?

What are mothers?

Mother's Day on Women's Day? Or at the start of spring? Find out what other countries may have thought when setting the date for Mother's Day.
The whole world celebrates mothers with a holiday. But not all countries use the US-American date.

There's an interesting symbolism behind the different dates. For example, in many Middle Eastern countries, Mother's Day is on 21 March and virtually coincides with the beginning of spring. This is probably because both spring and mothers represent new life. So the choice of this date is essentially highly poetic.
On the other hand, in many of the former Eastern Bloc states, the mother is simply seen as a woman. Accordingly, Mother's Day is celebrated in these countries on 8 March because that is International Women's Day. Of course, Women's Day is about the equality of men and women.

And Mother's Day is a holiday in honour of mothers, on which they are thanked for their love and care. But they have a matter-of-fact attitude in these countries, and get a two-for-one deal by using a single date.

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