How Austria discovered Mother's Day

Who invented it? No, it wasn't Austria. But because we love our mommies, we couldn't help but introduce it.
In the 1920s Mother's Day spread from England to Switzerland, Finland, Norway and finally to Austria in 1924. Here Marianne Hainisch, founder and leader of the women's movement in Austria, is considered the initiator for the spread and establishment of Mother's Day.
She found support in the scout movement, which also supported the celebration of Mother's Day.
Marianne Hainisch had not only followed the suggestion of Anna Jarvis (US women's rights activist, who proclaimed a "general day of remembrance for all mothers" on the anniversary of her mother's death in 1908), but also a suggestion of Karl Barteis, a member of the Boy Scout Corps. As honorary president, Marianne Hainisch supported this suggestion and consequently, it is also thanks to her that Mother's Day is known in this country.

Even if there is disagreement about the starting point, there is no doubt that the Vienna Corps also contributed to the spreading of Mother's Day, as in 1926, more than 850 scouts marched along the Vienna Ringstrasse on the second Sunday in May.

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