Mother's Day customs elsewhere

Our Mommy gets flowers on Mother's Day. Elsewhere her feet are tied together or she has to wait with celebrations until it rains.
We're not the only ones spoiling our mommy. In other countries, too, we get all sorts of ideas on her day of honour, for example in Serbia. There, the children sneak into their mother's bedroom and tie her feet together. In order to be released, the mother has to buy her way out with sweets.

In Mexico, on the other hand, they surprise the mommy with music. No matter whether you hit the notes or not:
You sing songs to the mother or even hire a mariachi band to spoil her. In addition, family breakfasts or brunches and flower gifts are a must.

Ethiopia is also interesting. Mother's Day is celebrated there for three days in autumn after the rainy season. The preceding rainy season is symbolic because, like the mother, it is essential for the survival of nature and humanity. On the days dedicated to the mother, all children gather at the parental home and celebrate with good food and singing.

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