For the peony fans among the mothers

For the peony fans among the mothers

For all those who like the giant peony flowers with their spectacular colors, we tell a fairy tale of an emperor whose love made it possible.
Peonies have many fans, especially on Mother's Day. No wonder, says a Chinese tale. According to this story, in the garden of Emperor Huan's palace, was a magnificent flower that no one else in the world had ever seen. The emperor worshipped this flower so much that when the bloom came, he forgot everything, even his wife, and sat in the garden, in ecstasy before the blooming flower.

Over time, the empress became jealous and ordered the palace gardener to cut the plant down to its roots during the winter. She hoped that the plant would not recover and that, without this flower, the emperor would be interested in her again.
The gardener did what the empress wanted. But since he felt sorry for the emperor at the same time, he looked for a flower that looked remotely like the previous one and grafted it onto the root of the flower he had cut off.

The following spring, not only stems and leaves sprouted from the root, but also a flower that was even more beautiful than the previous one. The peony was born. The emperor was so delighted with his gardener's skill that he showered him with gold.

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