Fine Austrian Whisky from Peter Affenzeller

The products of Peter Affenzeller are expected to be available again on 18.01.2021.

Located idyllically in Alberndorf in the Riedmark, a tranquil place of Mühlviertel 20 kilometres north of Linz, you will find the Company of Peter Affenzeller.
Peter Affenzeller
The company history of Peter Affenzeller began on the family farm with a traditional schnapps distillery, which was staged once a year as a family event. Peter has a positive memory of this annual tradition and was meticulously interested in the production of spirits. At a blind tasting session, he noticed a variety of nuanced flavour and it became clear that he wants to deviate from the production of usual fruit brandy and to refine grain in its purest form, and that is ultimately the Whiskey.
In 2005, at the age of 18, Peter tried his first distillation with the grains his parents owned, in order to distill his own whiskey. Six years later, after submission to the Destillata International Award competition, he won the silver medal and received a positive feedback for his whiskey. Despite many obstacles, with much blood, sweat, tears and commitment, the agricultural business was transformed into a whiskey distillery, and in 2013 Peter decided to take a step toward self-employment.

The Mühlviertel, as one of the last pristine region in Austria, provides the perfect base for the production of a pure whiskey. Hewn out of granite and gneiss, the Mühlviertel stretches across north-eastern Upper Austria and is characterised by untouched forest landscape, bubbling springs and widespread heathland. The Mühlviertel in its current concept, exists since 1779.

In the midst of smooth hills and tranquil villages, where time seems to stand still, the golden grain flourish and the best water flows the soils of this mountainous region. Here you can drink a genuine piece of Austria.
Environmental awareness
Peter Affenzeller is not only an entrepreneur but he is also committed to the environment. Our exclusive solar photovoltaic system which is powered with renewable energy, and a range of energy efficiency and climate protection measures, reduces greenhouse gas emissions from the distillery as much as possible. The distillery measure the carbon footprint of the company by examining its CO2 efficiency, such as employee commuting & travel information, as well as the consumption of glass, paper and cardboard. This measured CO2 value is compensated through climate protection projects and raw materials are being returned slightly to the environment. The fundamental idea behind Co2 offsetting is to prevent or improve the emission of a certain amount of greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be avoided in anywhere in the world.
The whisky distillery thus achieves its CO2 Neutrality through high energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate protection projects.It is the first outstanding distillery worldwide to produce CO2-free

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