A success story goes around the world

The Imperial Torte is expected to be available again on 18.01.2021.

In the house of Imperial, a beguiling sweet seduction has been produced for decades and shipped worldwide.
The legend of the origin of the Imperial Torte Vienna 1873
The year is 1873, and the Worlds Fair is just about to open in Vienna. The city is filled with an excitement and energy that holds people in its spell, especially Xavier Loibner, a young scullion at the Hotel Imperial. During the night of 28 April 1873 he lies awake for a long time, preoccupied with a single idea: to bake the perfect cake for Emperor Franz Joseph I, who is due to open the luxurious Hotel Imperial the next day.
He envisions creating a cake that will be so unique that no other confectioner far and wide will ever be able to copy it. Since he is not allowed to use any kitchen appliances, he has to prepare the cake by hand. He sums up all his courage and he secretly prepares the first square cake, which stands out from all the others due to its striking shape. The next day the emperor is so delighted with precisely this cake that this is the only creation he will taste. This event marks the birth of the superb Imperial-Torte Wien 1873.
Success takes its course and is still unbroken to this day and it has been a secret ever since. People's enjoyment of the cake is still as exquisite today as it was in 1873: a mouth-watering chocolate icing, a slightly tart aroma of almonds and the fusion of chocolate cream and marzipan combine to make the perfect composition.

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