Milka - distinctive delicate taste

The name Milka is composed of the main ingredients of chocolate: Milk and cocoa. However, Milka Alpenmilch chocolate becomes unmistakable only through its particularly delicate melting. To ensure that Milka - piece by piece - melts on the tongue with pleasure and always tastes equally good, only high-quality ingredients are used.
100 percent alpine milk
Milka is a traditional product. That's why only milk from the Alpine region has been used for chocolate for more than 100 years. For every liter of milk it is ensured that it comes 100 percent from the valleys and high valleys of the Alps as well as from the Alpine foothills. Before the Alpine milk is used in the chocolate, it is processed into milk powder and butterfat. Behind this, too, there are decades of experience: The Swiss "chocolate pioneer" Philippe Suchard already used milk powder for chocolate production.
Selected ingredients in each bar
The basic ingredients for each bar of Milka chocolate are cocoa, milk and sugar. Other ingredients are added for flavor, such as hazelnuts. Many millions of bars of smooth Milka Alpine Milk chocolate are produced in the Milka factories every day. To ensure that every bar of Milka tastes the same, it is produced according to a uniform recipe and in a precisely controlled process. Various steps in the manufacturing process must be followed precisely: For example, the milk-derived ingredients skim milk powder, sweet whey powder, and clarified butter are added individually to better control processing.
Inside is, what it says
The exact recipe and manufacturing process that makes Milka Alpenmilch chocolate so irresistibly smooth is a secret well-kept for generations. Nevertheless, the packaging states exactly what's in it - this applies to all ingredients as well as the most common allergens. Because we know: Some allergy sufferers react even to traces of products that are so small that they are not detected by conventional methods. That's why there is a detailed list of ingredients on every package.

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