Looops Candles

The Looops candles are expected to be available again on 18.01.2021.

The finest vegetable wax and essential oils are combined by hand in the manufactory near Salzburg. oils are combined to create a fragrance pleasure that is rare these days. Pure. Honest. Genuine.
Real fragrance creations
Looops composes the fragrance blends with a fine nose and in many tests, inspired by nature and ancient recipes. Looops uses natural essential oils of plants from different growing areas, which give the candles their specificity: Their fragrance is real.
Careful preparation
Cotton or wooden wicks are fixed by hand in the glass. They must be completely in the center, so that the candle burns perfectly. The plant wax melts quietly in the wax pot, then it is mixed with the fragrance mixture.

Each candle is poured by hand
By hand, each carefully prepared jar is filled with the waxy mixture and then the wicks are fixed.
Rest for the candle
A little rest for the candles: they rest for at least one day so that they can harden properly.
Hand wrapped
Now the wicks are shortened and the glasses are carefully cleaned.

Looops then takes charge of the packaging: the illustrated banderole with the little wolf is attached, the candle is wrapped in the lovingly illustrated tissue paper and placed in the protective packaging box.
Handmade natural scented candle
Yes, making a Looops candle is a lot of work. Looops admits that quite honestly. Looops mixes and tests, melts and pours, tests and packages. In the end, Looops has something in hand. And something really good. With the positive effect of essential oils from herbs, flowers and fruits. With the scent of home, which becomes tangible, smellable, tangible. With the authenticity of naturalness. And that is really good.

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