Useful information about sunflowers in a pot

For sun worshippers and summer fans, potted sunflowers are a must. We will tell you what to look out for.
With a potted sunflower, the sun is guaranteed. However, as sunflowers can grow from 30 centimeters to several meters high, you should stick to varieties that remain small when buying plants.

Tips for buying: make sure that the plant has no water in the coaster in the specialist shop or that the soil has not completely dried out. Yellow or brown leaves, for example, indicate incorrect care and an ailing plant. It is best to choose a sunflower with strong green leaves whose flowers have not all opened yet. Also make sure that the plant is not infested with any pests.
Now do everything you can to make the sunflower feel fully comfortable. For this it needs a full sunny location and plenty of water and fertilizer. So, water diligently and make sure that the soil is always moist, but not soaking wet. During the growing phase, you should also regularly supply the plant with a slow-release fertilizer.

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