Not all sunflowers are yellow and tall

What do you think the sunflower looks like? Yellow? Big? That is correct. But sunflowers can look completely different.
Sunflowers are as different as we are. There are 67 species, and they differ not only in height and endurance, but also in flower shape and color. For example, there are not only annual and perennial sunflowers, but also those with simple, semi-double or double flowers. In terms of color, these vary from different shades of yellow to bright orange, although there is now even a reddish-brown variety with light yellow tips.

Last but not least, sunflowers are of course also of different sizes. Some only measure 30 centimeters, while others can reach heights of up to 4.5 meters.
Well, for pots, we recommend the rather small varieties, while large ones are suitable for the garden. By the way: sunflowers bloom between June and October and then transform gardens and terraces into sunny seas of flowers that provide an absolute holiday feeling.

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