Springlike - hyacinths covered with wax

Goodbye winter, hello spring! What better to put us in the mood for spring than the sweet-smelling hyacinths. Moreover, «ours» do not even need water.
Wooden hearts; red candle wax, also in the form of old candles; old pan (this can hardly be reused later); hyacinth plant.
  1. Water the plant well before you start.
  2. Remove the soil from the bulb and cut the roots.
  1. Place the wax or candle pieces in the pan and heat over medium heat until the wax is completely melted.
  2. When the wax has cooled slightly but is still liquid, submerge the bulb until it is completely covered with wax (if the wax is too hot, it will burn the plant). Repeat the process until the wax completely covers the bulb and you like the color.
  1. Place the wooden heart on the still viscous wax of the bulb and dip it again in the liquid wax.
  2. Put the waxed bulb on baking paper or aluminum foil and let it dry.
As the bulb has previously absorbed enough moisture, it no longer needs water to flower. If you don't have an old pan, you can melt the wax in a tin (for the procedure, see the decorating tip «Romantic - scented candles that come from the heart»).

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