Noble - roseboxes that tell of love

Noble - roseboxes that tell of love

Roses that don't need care and last almost «forever» are a hit. Especially if they come in an elegant box that you can simply place and reuse.
Floral foam Oasis for dried flowers; flowerbox in black or cream; 12 stabilized roses, in red to accompany the black box or in peach to accompany the cream box; white dried forest moss or lichen.
  1. Fill the box up to 1 cm below the edge with Oasis foam.
  1. Carefully insert the roses - one by one - into the floral foam. If possible, grasp the roses by the stem and be especially careful not to crush the flower by touching it.
  1. Finally, cover with forest moss or lichen where you can still see Oasis.
Stabilized roses do not tolerate water or humidity. They last longer if they are not positioned in places where light is strong (for example, in direct sunlight behind glass).

As they last for a long time, they become dusty. Clean them with a soft, dry brush by gently stroking the flowers or simply blowing the dust away.

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