Cool - Snowman «Frosty»

Frosty the Snowman - we were inspired by this cheerful winter cartoon. That's why you can learn here how to create cool snowmen.
Different sized clay pots; different sized polystyrene balls (bigger for head, smaller for hands); buttons; black paper; natural raffia; thin wooden sticks; knit cap that fits the big polystyrene ball; ribbon; self-adhesive eye stickers; small cones for nose; black pen; white spray paint; hot glue.
  1. Spray the clay pots with paint and let them dry.
  2. Take one of the larger polystyrene balls. Place the adhesive eyes and glue the cone (nose). Draw the snowman's mouth with the black pen and put on the cap.
  3. Now glue the snowman's head on the clay pot.
  4. To make a broom, attach some cut raffia to the wooden stick.
  1. For the shovel, take the black paper and cut two pieces that look like shovels.
  2. Now take a wooden stick and glue the two shovel shapes at one end with hot glue. Where the shovel is, the wooden stick should not be visible anymore.
  3. Drill a hole through the smaller polystyrene balls (hands) with the wooden sticks and fix them with hot glue to the sides of the pot.
  4. Place a piece of ribbon around the «neck» of the snowman like a scarf and glue the buttons to the pot (body).
Our snowmen are suitable for indoors and outdoors and create a cheerful atmosphere everywhere. They are also suitable for DIY with grandchildren.

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