Unique - lanterns made of ice

What could be more beautiful than light in winter. Well, we even bring fire and ice together in these unusual lanterns.
Glasses of different sizes (the smaller ones should fit into the larger ones); fir twigs; tealights.
  1. Place the smaller glasses into the larger ones and carefully fill in water. Make sure that the water ends just below the edge of the smaller glass.
  2. Cut fir twigs and place them between the two glasses, one next to the other.
  3. Put everything in the freezer for a few hours.
  1. Once the water is frozen, take the glasses out and let them stand for a few minutes.
  2. Now carefully remove the outer glass first, then the inner glass.
  3. Place the tealights in the ice cavity created by the smaller glass, light them and put them outside.
If the temperatures are not below zero, it is advisable to remove the glasses from the freezer only shortly before using them outside, otherwise the ice lanterns will melt too quickly.

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