Relax with flowery scents

Treat your mummy to a flower-scented bath, really relaxing: with a self-made bath salt mix, with lanterns and rose petals.
Various bath salts with floral fragrance; lidded jars; lanterns with candles; wooden boxes or baskets; towel; artificial or real rose petals.
  1. Mix the different bath salts in a bowl.
  2. Fill your personal mixture into the jars.
  3. Place the towel in the wooden container or basket and arrange the jars with the bath salt mixture inside.
  4. Embellish with lanterns and a few rose petals.
Why don't you write a loving message to your mummy that you would like to give her a relaxing wellness bath as a gift? To increase the wow effect, you can light the candles before handing over the present.

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