Ding-a-ling vs. Ho-Ho-Ho - Best-of the heavenly gift-bringers

Ding-a-ling vs. Ho-Ho-Ho - Best-of the heavenly gift-bringers

Who brings the presents at Christmas? Children do not agree at all, and this question is also hotly debated worldwide.
Silently a sleigh full of presents floats through the night. Santa Claus is on his way. Or is it rather the Christ Child?

Experience has shown that Austrian children are longing for the Christ Child.

Elsewhere, the heavenly gift-bringer is also known as Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Père Noël or Babbo Natale, but he always brings presents.
It doesn't matter whether he comes with or without reindeers, with or without sleigh and how he gets through the fireplace into the living room.

No wonder that children spoil the bringer of gifts: with poems and thank-you letters (Italy and USA) or pâté and whiskey (Ireland).

Only in Russia has the communist revolution replaced him with Father Frost, who still makes his grand entrance on New Year's Eve. He did not allow to be completely ousted there either.

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