Advent and Christmas 2020 - the most romantic trends

Fancy a contemplative, glittering, magical Christmas time? Here you will find the newest trends: from traditional and natural to trendy and glamorous.
Candles, fir branches, the scent of the first Christmas cookies and maybe even a crackling open fire:

soon it will be Advent. But even before that, the magic of Christmas is in the air.
Trends? Classics like white, gold, silver and red are still popular. But this year the theme of naturalness is becoming even more important. Accordingly, not only warm, earthy colors play an important role, but also light green and light to dark red-brown.

Nevertheless, a touch of glamour should not be missing. This is ensured by hip metallic shades that create a real festive mood.

But pastels are also very much in vogue: with soft, creamy tones or fresh sorbet nuances.
So, when the sun soon goes into hibernation and we cuddle up in our fur blanket at home, it's definitely time to create a wintery atmosphere and bring Christmas into your own four walls.
Natural: predominantly light, restrained tones with strong accents
This year, a lot of attention is focused on the topic of «naturalness».

Accordingly, not only warm colors like beige, brown and off-white play an important role, but also materials like wood, cones and leaves.
Above all, the clear minimalist style from the north is very often seen. In terms of colors, gray, taupe, sand as well as light fern green and red-brown predominate in this trend.

Those who prefer something more mystical can also set the accents with deep red-leaf tones and dark leaf nuances.
The restrained aesthetics are contrasted by creative designs and materials.

On display are flowers and leaves worked into glass, spotted and irregular patterns as well as rough or coarse surfaces.

Clay and glass also have a contemporary effect together with light wood, in functional, simple forms.
Soft: pastel colors and fresh sorbet nuances
This noble trend with its pastel color range combines soft, creamy tones such as cool ice blue, delicate apricot and light mint green with fresh sorbet nuances. The materials are delicate and feminine.
Metallic shimmer, silky sheen and velvety-matt aspects interact with each other.

Comfortable effects achieve soft volumes and flowing materials.

Fine glass and textiles such as silk or organza appear wafer-thin and super-fine.
The noble overall picture is complemented by glossy surfaces, high-quality paintwork and discreetly sparkling accessories.

It is a sensual style world, which is characterized by organic, soft and cloudy shapes.
Glamour: metallic tones in gold, silver and copper
Whether restrained or pastel-colored basic decoration: a touch of glamour should not be missing at Christmas.

That's why accessories in trendy metallic shades come into play, such as shiny silver, copper and gold. These create a real festive atmosphere.
What ultimately fits best, everyone must decide for themselves. Here it depends on the overall impression and the effect you want to achieve.

If you are unsure, you can buy some Christmas baubles in different metallic tones and then decide.
One thing is certain, however: it looks more elegant if you stick to just one metallic color. Because if you mix several tones, it can quickly appear overloaded or without any concept.

And another tip: metallic shades can also be combined well with fruity berry tones!

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