Advent with witches, gnomes, elves and kobolds

Abracadabra! There are countries where beings endowed with magical powers do crazy things during Advent or are helpful and even bring gifts.
With us, Advent is associated with candles, angels and Santa. In other European countries it is different. For example, in Estonia, where countless witches do crazy things and trouble Estonians during the Advent season.

As witches cannot fly with clean brooms, they are constantly looking for dirty brooms in the houses. That's why all brooms must always be perfectly clean. Children, in particular, clean diligently, because they receive a reward for this work - by gnomes who offer them fruit and sweets almost every day.
In Denmark, on the other hand, the Christmas kobold belongs to the Advent. He looks like a little old man with a red cap and helps Santa Claus to prepare the presents.
The Swedes are the most spoiled. They have little house elves who help them with crafts, cleaning and baking.

The Christmas presents are brought there by kobolds dressed in red, who cross the sky in their reindeer-drawn sleigh and deliver the presents in time for Christmas. Simply magical!

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