Rose with wow effect

At first sight the gift looks like a simple rose. But if you unwrap it carefully, you will realize how valuable it is.
PDF voucher; rose; gift sticker; thin string.
  1. Roll the voucher into a cornet.
  2. Stick the end with a gift sticker.
  3. Remove the prickles of the rose and the leaves. Leave the uppermost leaves.
  1. Place the rose in the bag formed with the voucher in such a way that only the head is visible.
  2. Fasten the bag to the rose stem with a piece of string.
If you associate this rose with a small message that points out the secret of the «packaging», you can also simply put it down: on the dining table, the pillow or wherever the recipient finds it.

I love you

Little flower message
35,00 - € 68,00
39,00 - € 79,00
Playful Summer Greeting
39,00 - € 79,00
39,00 - € 69,00
I Love You
69,00 - € 119,00
Small but Yours
38,00 - € 68,00
Little princess
35,00 - € 65,00
Summer meadow
38,00 - € 88,00
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