Love locks - also in Austria

People in love carve their names into tree trunks or tattoo them on their arms. But there is another way to make love public. 
Love locks - still trendy
Have you heard of the custom of lovers hanging a padlock on a bridge as a sign of their undying love? The key belonging to it is thrown into the water flowing below. This custom is said to have originated in Italy.

For a long time, however, it was forgotten. Then it suddenly became popular – even beyond the country's borders. Meanwhile, love locks can be seen by the thousands in other cities. For example, in Paris, Cologne, Lübeck, Hamburg, Dresden, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Helsinki, Seoul, Prague and Moscow.
There, the bridges are now so full of padlocks that there is hardly room for more. The custom has also spread to Austria. Here you can find them in Vienna, salzburg or Graz.

So, if you were planning to take a little Valentine's trip anyway, now you know where to put your love lock.

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