About rose gifts

Roses are classic gifts of love. But why is there the custom of always giving an odd number of roses? And at what point is a rose long-stemmed?
Giving roses: even or odd number?
How many roses should you give: always an even number or always an odd number?
We explain the rules below.
For many years, it was believed that only an uneven number of flowers was acceptable. This tradition comes from France. At one time, people wanted to prove that their flowers had not been bought from the market. While markets always offered flowers in even numbers, shops sold them in odd numbers.
The custom today is to give an uneven number of flowers only if they can be counted at first glance. This is difficult if there are eleven or more flowers (or in the case of a tied bouquet). So from that point onwards, consumers and florists feel they can do as they please.
By the way: “a dozen roses” is still considered THE classic gift in every country. And it is not uncommon for people who are deeply in love, or even long-standing partners, to order a gross (twelve dozen roses).
Roses: what do short-stem, medium-stem and long-stem mean?
If you are buying or ordering roses, choosing your blooms involves more than deciding on the most beautiful colours and different sizes. There are various stem lengths as well. You will (usually) have the choice of short-stem, medium-stem and long-stem roses. Within these categories, however, the actual length in centimetres of the stems may vary.

However, in general, short-stem roses are 30-50 centimetres in length, medium-stem roses are 50-60cm in length and long-stem roses are mostly 70cm or more.

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