Wild roses have been around for 25 million years

Wild roses have been around for 25 million years

Unbelievable, but true: even before there were humans, the first wild roses were blooming. They were simple, had five petals and still exist today.
The history of the most popular and best-selling flower – the rose – goes back a long way. Fossils have been found that prove the existence of wild roses around 25 million years ago. Roses are described as “wild” if they grow freely and naturally outside gardens and are therefore native to the wider environment.

Originally, they were only found in the northern hemisphere, spanning an area from China via the Middle East to Europe. In addition, however, fossil discoveries have now also confirmed their presence in the North American Rocky Mountains. There are now around 150 varieties of wild rose world-wide, the most common being the Rosa canina, also known as the dog rose.

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