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Flowers for Kissing Day? Just Because Day? The two midsummer months offer more than just garden parties.
International Kissing Day: 6 July (fixed date)
For about 90 percent of the world's population, kissing is one of the most tender gestures ever. That's probably why there's the increasingly popular Kissing Day, when we should kiss, embrace and caress each other especially often. Loving kisses are known to be an elixir of life, even if not every frog you kiss becomes a prince. But no matter. Kissing is nevertheless beautiful, especially if you associate the kiss with flowers for once.
Just Because Day: 27 August (fixed date)
If you are wondering why this day was founded at all or why it takes place just on August 27, the answer is: Just because! Sometime somebody might have noticed how nice it is to get something «just because» or to surprise somebody «just because». Try it, e.g. with flowers. It's fun for everyone and will be an unforgettable experience!

For beautiful moments:

Cheerful Bouquet of Tulips
33,00 - € 76,00
39,00 - € 79,00
Spring Meadow
39,00 - € 89,00
January Bouquet of the Month
39,00 - € 79,00
Happy Day!
48,00 - € 118,00
Poetry with Roses
42,00 - € 92,00
Melody of Spring
36,00 - € 76,00
Delicate spring composition
36,00 - € 76,00
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