January / February

January / February

These two months are beautiful. Because they are dedicated to new beginnings and to love. Learn more about the arrival of the new year, National Hug Day and Valentine's Day.
New Year: 1 January (fixed date)
The beginning of the year did not always fall on 1 January. Long time the Ancient Romans celebrated the New Year on 1 March, and it was not until Caesar's calendar reform of 46 BC that the calendar year began on 1 January, at least theoretically. Because in large parts of Europe, January 6 was suddenly regarded as beginning of the year. This was until in 1691 Pope Innocent XII officially fixed it for the western cultural area on 1 January. Apropos flowers at the beginning of the year: white flowers are particularly suitable because they symbolize beginning and end and are elegant and stylish.
National Hug Day: 21 January (fixed date)
Why did one decide to dedicate a day to hugging? Quite simply. Because many people find it difficult to express their feelings, they are reminded on this special date that affection and tenderness are important. In addition, hugs are healthy because, according to scientists, they help to improve the immune system and reduce the risk of heart attacks. So, show friends and family what they mean to you and cuddle or hug them. Maybe you can combine that with spring flowers. Because they are also an expression of emotions and act like a hug.
Valentine's Day: 14 February (fixed date)
Even for the ancient Romans, date and theme were magical, because from 13 to 15 February they celebrated love with their Lupercalia. But the Christian Church did not like it. And so, she dedicated February 14th to Saint Valentine and called it «day of Saint Valentine».

The link between love and day of Saint Valentine was made by an English writer in the 14th century who wrote the poem «Parlement of Foules» and described how birds gather on Valentine's Day so that everyone could find their partner. In 1797 a British publisher took up the subject. He published sentimental Valentine's poems and caused a furor. Word of this success spread, and in 1847 the USA began mass production.
After the Second World War, Valentine's Day was brought to Germany by US soldiers, where the custom of giving flowers arose. So, let it rain red roses or other spring flowers on 14 February and be happy that there is such a beautiful thing as love.

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