Varied, colorful and simply wonderful: dahlias are an ode to summer and autumn and a symbol of happiness, health and love.
Dahlias climb the career ladder
Dahlias weren't always cultivated for their beauty. In Mexico in the year 200 BC, they were grown for their tubers, which are rich in starch in the form of inulin. They were therefore a source of food for the natives of that era. In addition, their sap was used for medicinal purposes.

For the Aztecs, in contrast, dahlias were a powerful symbol. Because of their golden orange to purple blossoms, they appeared to symbolise the sun, which was at the heart of Aztec beliefs. No wonder, then, that the Sun Emperor Moctezuma is said to have worn a robe embroidered with an enormous dahlia blossom at his coronation in 1503.
Dahlias - colorful, varied and extraordinary
Have you ever admired dahlias? Then you must have noticed how many colors and shapes there are. Sometimes the dahlias are monochrome, sometimes they are particularly bright, with spots or stripes. Thanks to intensive breeding, there are now thousands of varieties of dahlias.

And they differ not only in the diversity of colors, but also in the shape of the flowers. They can resemble a pompom, a water lily or an anemone, or with their pointed petals they can even resemble the antlers of a deer or a cactus. Currently, dahlia breeders are trying to find frost-resistant varieties.
The only disadvantage of this exotic beauty is that it cannot stand the frost. Insensitivity to frost, blue varieties and fragrant varieties: this is the dream of every dahlia grower. But on the other hand: from white to yellow, from orange, red, pink and purple to magenta, there are many colors. And so, dahlias are a wonderful option if you need more color in your life or want to surprise someone with a particularly colorful bouquet.
Dahlias promise happiness, health and love
There are countless dahlias. Perhaps that is why their symbolism is interpreted so differently. With the Aztecs living in Mexico they were considered as a symbol of sun and sun god. But with increasing popularity they also stood for completely different - always positive - characteristics and values.
For example, love plays an important role. Because the dahlia means «Yours forever». But this only for the chosen partner. Because for all others it symbolizes «I am already taken». Even in the dream world the dahlia has its place. If you dream of it, it means economic success ... and if the dahlias are colored, they also bring health. Even astrology has dahlias in it. There they are assigned to the zodiacal sign of the Sagittarius and are considered a lucky flower.
Happiness, health, money and love? Dahlias are most often associated with love. This makes them popular candidates for declarations of love and floral decorations for engagements and weddings.

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