Christmas trends 2022 - as atmospheric as never before

Longing for light, evergreen, fragrances, and colors? Here you will find the hottest trends so that you can already look forward to this most wonderful of all seasons.
Advent and Christmas - the longing for warmth and light
The challenging times have made us sensitive. More than ever, we long for lights and scents, for soothing evergreens and crackling fires. Advent and Christmas come just at the right time. Even more so because the trends are more diverse than ever and there is something for everyone. Sure, classic Christmas colors such as red, white, gold and silver are still popular. But the variety of additional color trends is incredibly attractive.
This year's color trends at a glance
In terms of color, nature is in the foreground this year with two interpretations. But cheerful and light nuances are also in vogue. These go hand in hand with a wonderful lightness this year. Last but not least, strong colors are in. They recall the pop art of the sixties, are pure joie de vivre and can be skillfully interpreted in a Christmassy way with gold and silver. In short: this year's Christmas trends are wonderful and leave nothing to be desired.
Trend «Green Rituals» - from understated to mysterious
By dealing with climate change, nature is increasingly becoming a source of inspiration. That's why natural tones are also in fashion at Christmas. This year, however, there are two clearly distinguishable styles. On the one hand, there is a wonderfully understated style from Scandinavia with restrained light tones such as stone, sand, light green, moss, and reddish brown. The opposite pole is formed by a mysteriously vegetative color world with deep red foliage tones and dark leaf shades.
Timelessness and longevity gain in importance
The natural aesthetics of the «Green Rituals» trend are contrasted by creative ideas and materials. Especially renewable materials such as cork, bark and grasses are in vogue this year. Metal, marble, and stone, which are hardly or not at all processed, can be combined well with them. Tactile feel is especially important this year. The rough, rustic surfaces of most natural materials go well with smooth, polished surfaces as a contrast. Timeless design and durable materials are important in this trend.
Trend «Lightness of Being» - a delicate coloration
There have been many issues that have kept us in suspense and not allowed us to relax. Even more we long for a certain lightness. This year it comes in delicate colors. These include velvety gray, delicate lime green, off-white, romantic pale pink, light almond tone and airy sky blue. Especially with the delicate light blue shades, you involuntarily think of snowflakes and wintry landscapes, which makes this trend particularly attractive.
Relaxed, young and sensual elegance
The trend «Lightness of Being» is nostalgic and poetic. It includes artistic, playful, as well as concrete interpretations. Characteristic of the sensual elegance of the young style is a cheerful, buoyant flora with blossoms, floral designs, tendrils, ruffles, and small graphic designs. Even the materials reflect the subtle attitude, with porcelain, glass, fine papers as well as surprising reinterpretations of old crafts. All this gives this Christmas decoration an extra dose of freshness and ensures magical Christmas feelings.
Trend «Swinging Sixties» - full of joie de vivre and charm
Finally, the vibrant colors of the 1960s are a special highlight of this year's trends. Orange, violet, green, mustard yellow, blue and petrol are in the foreground here and are reminiscent of a decade that, like the present, stood for new beginnings. So, if you're in the mood for joie de vivre, like pop art and long for a revival of the hedonistic Swinging Sixties, you'll be delighted with this trend. By the way, these colors can be wonderfully combined with gold or silver.

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